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Words are a kind of magic. If used well, they open us up to new perspectives and opportunity. I write to educate, illuminate, inspire, and catalyse.




Words are my magic.

Used well, they can change perspectives and offer opportunity. I use words to educate, illuminate, inspire, and catalyse.

I combine two decades of working as a writer with training in coaching and counselling to create effective articles and copy for your magazine, website, or company.

*grew a client’s blog  from a few hundred to to over 2 MILLION unique visitors a year

*clients include Psychologies, Daily Mail, Top Santé, Life Clubs UK, Harley Therapy Ltd.

*quoted by Google and ranked in top two for search term “Why Can’t I Fall in Love”

*ranked in top four for highly competitive search term “Fear of Intimacy”

*listed under Google Scholar for a ‘Guide to Depression’ rehauled for a client

My career has been based on words since the beginning. I have made a living as a screenwriter, journalist, and now online writer. Recent hits in the Google-verse include:

*quoted by Google and in top two for search term “Why Can’t I Fall in Love”

*ranked in top four and quoted by Google for search term “Fear of Intimacy”

*a ‘Guide to Depression’ I rehauled for a client being listed under Google Scholar.

*taking a client’s blog from attracting several hundred monthly visitors to 100,000+ in a timeline of two years.

  • B.A. Honours, Creative Writing
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Screenwriting
  • College Certificate in Editing
  • Certificate in Copywriting
  • Introduction to Counselling Course
  • Group Coaching Certification

my work has featured in:

This article is tremendously helpful. I have re-visited it again and again over the years and have shared it with many others through my own blog, I noticed most veterans suffer. This is allowing us all to heal. Thank you so much for putting it out there, it was a catalyst on the road to recovery. Allison, re article on 'Repressed Anger'

This is a great article and has helped make sense of a lot of things in my life so thank you for actually putting it out there. It’s an amazing thing that someone has a kind enough heart to get this information out there help the wider community. Thanks again for sharing all of that. Kaur, re article on 'Personal Boundaries'

Very helpful article on psycological shock. Suffer from severe PTSD as well but something recent caused this. Thanks for writing this article and putting it out there. Very encouraging! Katherine, re article on Emotional Shock

Holy cow this explains so much. This is a great example of an article that a person can’t relate to until they are ready to hear it! Thanks so much for giving me other things to consider. Great article. Elizabeth, re article on Suffering from an Identity Crisis

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